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Some titeholdes have made it their mission to fight for homeless queer youth or LGBTQ people overseas. This was delivered by a professional on an experienced sub. We were gathered around a man lying belly-down on a table with needles inserted through pinched layers of skin down his back. Try not to gawk, if you can help it. This celebration of difference, this core truth, should be enough to tell us that racism has no place here. You might say this is true of all gay bars — not so.

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Sure, on some dance floors, with some substances, people get touchy-feely.

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35 DOs and DON'Ts of a Gay Leather Bar

Park cruising is gone. This is not a dig at your ability to navigate a leather bar as a newcomer. DO come in proper attire. Every body type was on display. You might say this is true of all gay bars — not so. DO read up on the hanky code before you go. DO learn the etiquette of lights-out play areas.

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Were gay men ever vanilla? The cigar fetish is still raging in the world of kink cigarettes less so. DO wait until after a kink demonstration to barrage the demonstrator with questions. I was filled with questions — so was everyone else. Go to the nearest leather bar. Welcome to the family. When you go to a leather bar, you take a step into this idea that we can build a community based around what we like, how we want it, and how we play — and we do.

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