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Then he did us a very big favor, sending his younger brothers, Petr and Romi,to us too.

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Fox Fire also known as Will-o-the-wisps and Jack-o-lanterns are a possible atmospheric phenomenon that is not yet fully understood. Of course, this doesn't end up making much sense to the viewers of the show, since everyone knows that the real James is not only still alive, but became a well-known F-Zero pilot after retiring from mercenary work. You need to login to do this. There is no evidence to back up this story and Captain Falcon is a private man who will disclose nothing about his past. I liked SSBWiki's presented explanation about "Fire Fox" referencing a spaceship's atmospheric re-entry with the "burning up" concept along with the Arwing's traditional "crash and burn" animationas well as Shigeru Miyamoto's confirmation of the move deriving inspiration from Japanese mythological foxes akin to kitsune. Krystal is the remaining Cerinian from Cerinia's own Instrumentality.

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