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Age effects in a population-based longitudinal study in Sweden. These gains are salient in a country where alcohol consumption is among the highest in Europe [ 84 ] and where LGBT individuals face pervasive stigma deleterious to mental health [ 3 ]. Those eligible were given the option to enter their contact information in a separate survey for the study coordinator to contact them by phone for enrollment. Our findings should be considered alongside several limitations, which point to future research directions. UK - Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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In addition, participants were asked to report the number of alcoholic drinks consumed on a typical drinking day [ 7879 ].

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MA - New Bedford. A transdiagnostic minority stress treatment approach for gay and bisexual men's syndemic health conditions. Culturally sensitive adaptations of HIV-preventive interventions developed in other countries could provide a solution to the largely unaddressed health needs of YGBM in this region. Most Important Lessons Learned Participants deemed the intervention as instrumental in helping them to achieve personal goals. While most recruitment took place in Bucharest, we were able to reach men in other towns of Romania through word of mouth and Facebook. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. PA - State College.

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Prevalence and predictors of club drug use among club-going young adults in New York city. It was cathartic…We had a great relationship…Excellent communication with her. The average number of sessions completed was 7. Our members come from all over the UK and there are an increasing number from Europe and Overseas. The minimum dose of 5 sessions was established based on the fact that the first 5 sessions convey the core elements of the intervention, while the remaining sessions are dedicated to behavioral skills practice, consolidating treatment gains, and establishing a plan to maintain progress.

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