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That much I got, and that much I digested—but there was something else. The film is interjected with montages of visual metaphors, old wooden houses crashing down from the sky, salmon fishing upstream, even those quasi-stop-motion sex scenes which I found so tantalizingly frustrating were stylized in the look of a porn magazine photo shoot. How many think pieces will it incite? It was released on a 2-disc DVD set. Idahoby contrast, takes grinding poverty and sexual exploitation of minors and makes it look as romantic as backpacking across Europe.

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The role was a personal statement, which mirrored some elements of his own personal struggles at the time.

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Was It Good For The Gays: ‘My Own Private Idaho’

Critics of the film described the story as weak and meandering, and the ending as unnecessarily ambiguous. Inthe film was cleaned and remastered by the Criterion Collection. And with my diagnosis—after more than a decade of a quack doctor, superfluous medication, and chronic unemployment that left me in a pit of despair—I emerge amazed, when looking back on my love for this film, at the immense conceptual leaps I was prepared to take just to give myself an identity. I was involved in that for a while. But this is a desperate imposition on an essentially inert film.

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Swimming Against the Current". I was supportive of it, but it also sort of changed the way I thought of the character. Van Sant wanted to make the film but felt that the script was not finished. The younger auteur clearly has a fascination with marginal youth and not just gay prostitutes that goes well beyond mere sympathy: This is my first mention of my diagnosis in a public forum. Mikea street hustlerstands alone on a deserted stretch of highway.

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