Transsexual surgery arizona

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The scar is relatively minimal in size and is usually fairly inconspicuous. This is to be worn all day and all night for approximately two weeks, after which it is strongly recommended that you wear a bra that provides optimal support as often as possible to help maintain an ideal breast shape and limit sagging over time. Despite this key benefit, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before selecting this approach, all of which will be discussed at the time of the consultation. Financing options are available, if needed, to help make your breast surgery a wonderful reality for you. Swelling is present though not overwhelming and no bruising is present.

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For more specific information about implants, please visit Dr.

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Transgender Breast Surgery

Suite Tucson, AZ N. Inframammary — This incision is made at the crease beneath the breast known as the inframammary fold. The incision pattern utilized to perform female to male breast surgery depends several factors that include the pre-existing breast size, configuration, degree of skin laxity and excess, and the size and location of the nipple areola complex. I am a transgender male and Dr. It can take up to a year for maximal resolution of the swelling in order to see the long-term results. For the reasons highlighted below, Dr.

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I am very pleased with my results and everyone that I show my chest to is very impressed. Based on a multitude of factors, he will make recommendations to you that will help you to obtain the results that you desire. It can take up to a year for maximal resolution of the swelling in order to see the long-term results. To help minimize any post-operative bruising, swelling and discomfort, a snug form-fitting dressing is placed around the chest following surgery and kept on for a few days. Nevertheless, the concepts are similar but there are often variations that must be addressed such as the desire not to have any nipple-areola complexes at all.

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