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Schenley Park is known as a gay hook-up place. My brother not knowing this set up their stuff on the gay side of the beach, which is distinguishable by a fence that runs from up in the park to the sand of the beach. I think there's some sense of tradition and nostalgia to it too. He just floated out in the water and laughed. The point is that we previously didn't have other venues which provided more legitimate, less creepy ways to meet. If the comment you're linking to requires some context, just add "?

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Originally Posted by Eulogy sexual minorities who grew up at a time when they couldn't be open about it tried to make "normal" heteronormative lives for themselves and are now engaging in risky, semi-public anonymous sex because you can only bottle that shit up for so long or in the alternative fuck you, julio.

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Pittsburgh Gay Cruising Areas

I felt like it was pretty clear what was going on. The Iron Ladiesmeanwhile, is a feature film about a Thai volleyball team made up of gay and transgender players, and their bid for a championship. It's been known as the "fruit loop" because there's a loop at the end. Of course after my reply it doesn't really make sense anymore Catch me some other time.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Image Posts are definitely not acceptable. I wanted to take em for a spin and because they were trail runners, decided to run around the wooded parts, away from the main paths. Everything from muscle jocks, to bi-married to your regular everywhere cruisers. Originally Posted by duovamp There's a part of Schenley Park in Pittsburgh that became the designated location for homosexual men to encounter other men casually. He was rubbing his through his jeans, we talked briefly and he asked if I wanted to get in. Although I was reluctant, because I couldn't see who was in the truck, I parked behind him and walked up to his window.

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