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Even if that number is true, Why do you presume the remainder of the population is in India? Chiton magnificus talk Don't panic ; deletions can take a little longer at Commons than they do on Wikipedia. This is a fact that pashtuns in Pakistan are much more than the pashtuns in Afghanistan but what i see in this article is complete baised attitude of the editor towards the afghan pakhtuns in everything for example, the editor has placed all the pictures of pashtun from Afghanistan while only the picture of Shahid afridi from Pakistan is there No Imran khan, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, malala yousafzai, jan sher khan, jehangir khan,Rahim shah, etc are there. Not particularly a small group. This information needs to be included as these acts are very clearly embedded in their culture despite what Jorge Koli would have you believe.

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Even Dyncorp, a US military contractor has been involved in a Bacha Bazi "trade" easily found on wikileaks.

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Fox News, Rueters, and the Boston Globe. I have added primary references to Putative Ancestry section, by including names of few notable Bollywood Actors, and merged the single example of Shahrukh Khan to the same group. It is not backed by any source. Jorge Koli talk This is extremely illogical. Pashtuns - Afghan adn Pakastani - are notorious for preferring male to female lovers. However, I've asked another admin who has more experience in image copyright issues to take a second look.

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The infobox is screwed up, I would like permission to edit it or would like someone else to fix the problem. It must be noted that just having distant Pashtun ancestry does not make one a Pashtun. Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Gandhi in Its just this guy has been dealing with this article in a very prejudiced manner, this article is ethnic based article and it should keep the names and images of those who are factually proved as pashtuns via family line or blood line and have been cited. I think some major pashtuns in afghanistan have been ignored Tigerkhan talk Torture, Sex and Military Orientalism.

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