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As far as I can tell he is in college, and after that stint at Harvard U, he does not need the glory of another big role. Get your shit together JTT and why not get away from mother dearest. Thinka about a real-movie of The Smurfs or gay midget porn. If she were my mom I'd be scared shitless of her too. He is what he is!

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If only we woman were smart enough to know how babies are made!

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Married, Wife, Height, Is He Gay? Where Is He Today?

Get your shit together JTT and why not get away from mother dearest. I think he is so handsome but you all should leave him alone and how would you like it if someone called you gay when it was not even true?? So far hasn't made any moves to get a role. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. He's afraid of his mother sadly to say. He then hired people to get personal info on her for no reason Which I'd like to call him "A Resentful stalker" who acts like a child he was obsessed with her. He's a different state quite often not saying when he's not directing.

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We were killing time watching a rerun of Home Improvement and my dad was like "Lulz, didn't you have a huge crush on him when you were little? I wish him the best though. I could never kill his baby. He made several suicide attempts before meeting his life partner Richard Martinez, a New Mexican artist. Who cares if he's on last man standing good for him.

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