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I pulled him towards my face, and inhaled the earthy male scent of his pubes. I remembered that he always stuck a hand inside his jockstrap before he peeled that nut-strangler off and headed to the showers. He loves the big mushroom head on my circumcised cock, while I love playing with his foreskin. I looked inside the pouch and saw some pee stains. If you're really that fixated about it, although there is no reason why you should be, go see a urologist, and get yourself circumcised! Since they aren't washed out before the stud tosses them the scent of the man remains.

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I don't feel like spending any more time with the reunion bunch, but I'd like your company. I swallowed as much of Mark's fuck-sauce as I could, and the rest dribbled out the corners of my mouth. Coach Kennedy was on cloud nine. I hadn't seen my pal Mark since graduating from high school five years ago. Jockstraps stories available Displaying Page 1 - Records 1 to I walked to Bravo Food Market, which was right next to my apartment building. Usually it was used just for non-athletes as athletes had their own gym, but occasionally various team members would come in.

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He gave me that blue jockstrap as a souvenir of our first encounter, and I'm invited back next week to get it on with him again. His male friends, whom he had grown up with and attended St. I would classify myself as muscular, maybe even a gym bunny, as I tend to work out six times a week. I too came in him. His crotch-rocket was now rock-hard and throbbing.

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